Virtual Accounting Department

Outsource your back office

Why outsource? It's simple, read our 3 mantras below.

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#1 "Never automate what you can eliminate and never delegate what you can automate"

Tim Ferriss
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#2 "The system runs the business and the people run the system"

Michael E. Gerber 
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#3 "If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you’ve paid for it and don’t have it"

Henry Ford

Satoshi Accounting Department 

Crypto Native Startups

Starting at $4,997/month & 1% of tokens/NFT launch

The Ultimate Crypto Accounting Department

  • We do it for you so you can focus on your business
  • We supply the technology, the processes and the services bundled into one package
  • You get Internal controls to maximize security and prevent fraud, waste and abuse
  • You get peace of mind knowing your financial information and compliance is handled
  • Coordination with tax & financial professionals and attorneys
  • Unlimited strategic calls  
  • Engagement letter required 

Crypto Strategic Advisor  

Crypto Native Startups

Advisory Agreement

Get a Crypto OG

  • 8+ years and 16,000 plus hours in crypto 
  • Complex crypto 
  • Expert partner collaboration
  • Custom business processes
  • Typically take percentage of project tokens
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